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Rules for advertising necessitates all the advertisers to comply with the subsequent principles and guidelines while posting free ads on our portal.


Advertiser must use the caption/ heading text that truly describes the item or service being advertised. Moreover the Ad poster should refrain from posting company names, URLS, unnecessary characters or similes.

Item or Service that is being advertised on our web portal must be described appropriately in ad’s Text description field. Linking your ad with another page is extremely intolerable; the ad description must not be duplicated or copied from other advertisers on or from any other site to ensure compliance with the copyright laws.

Ad description must NOT contain any search or keywords, Moreover posting of flawed information is strictly forbidden.

Replicas & Duplication’s

Posting the same ad for more than one time is strictly prohibited. It is highly recommended that before posting the new Ad, old Ad must be removed. Consequently it is absolutely not allowed to advertise the same items or services in different categories. Likewise, multiple email addresses must NOT be used for posting ads.


Links that only direct to the item or service that is being publicized are allowed, though general rules regarding links would be pertinent to all Ads. Linking your Ad to another similar site is absolutely banned.


Images related to the advertised items or services are permissible. Placement of company’s logos as images is not acceptable with the exception of certain categories i.e. Jobs, Services and Businesses for sale. Also, use of images from other advertisers without their prior approval is completely forbidden.

Copyright protection and laws would be applicable in such matters. Inappropriate images of models exposing their undergarments or bathing costumes are strictly prohibited.

Exclusive Marketing

Ads for the purpose of mere promotion or marketing of a certain business or a brand are highly prohibited. Similarly any advertisement that aims at readdressing the web traffic to some other site is absolutely banned.


All posted ads must be in compliance with county’s rules and regulations. Services ads should also be placed in their relevant categories only.

Porn/Adult Content and/or Services

Mature content, adult themes, porn or erotic content is utterly banned on our web portal. Likewise services like prostitution, escorts etc. that compromise the fundamental moral values are absolutely not allowed.

Content consisting of immoral and indecent depiction of women or any other vulgar content that violate the prevailing ethics and moral standards of the “Country of Use” is completely forbidden.

Illegal goods

Goods that fall under the category of illegal goods according to country’s law are not allowed to be advertised on Following is the list of illegal goods:

  1. Contrabands/ Drugs
  2. Human Limbs/Parts
  3. Ammunition/Weapons
  4. Banned/Prescription Medication
  5. Controlled Chemical Substances (e.g. Mercury)
  6. Pornography/Adult Material/Sex Toys
  7. Fireworks and Explosives

Forbidden Goods and Services

Following goods and services are strictly prohibited from being advertised on

  1. Blood and Human Body Parts
  2. Tangkal, Amulets, All Such Mystic Items & Talisman
  3. E-mail Addresses
  4. Obscene/Offensive Propaganda
  5. Whisky, Alcohol, Liquor, Tobacco
  6. Drugs, Psychotropic Substances, Narcotics, Intoxicants of any Kind.
  7. Multi Level or Single Level Marketing(MLM, SLM, Direct Sales)
  8. Adult Sex Toys
  9. Documents And Vehicle Registration Numbers
  10. Used undergarments
  11. Products / Goods related to politics
  12. Obscene Material, Pornography
  13. Burglary Tools
  14. Gold Bars
  15. Prostitution, escorting any other service
  16. Quick Get-Rich Schemes
  17. Unlock and Jailbreak Services For Gadgets
  18. Black Magic Services
  19. Fortuneteller Services
  20. Loan and Refinancing

Forgeries And Pirated Goods

All types of pirated goods including CDs/VCDs/DVDs/Blue-Rays, Computers or any Console Games or Software are banned on our web portal. All products to be advertised must be original/genuine and the advertiser must possess the necessary certifications or ownership documents.

Content Of Offensive/ Obscene Nature

Posting of any type of indecent image, text or representations that can be offensive to any ethnic group, individual, public or private entity is not permissible on

Idealistic offers reserves the right to deem what’s realistic and unrealistic.


Any item that does not belong to the country from where it is being posted is not allowed to be advertised on our website.

Bidding and Auction

Any ads linked to auction or bidding is not acceptable on Only ads with fixed price and negotiable terms and conditions are allowed to be posted on our site.

Jobs Related Ads

Following details are mandatory to be included in Job Related ads.

  1. Company Trade Name
  2. Fixed landline number (can be hidden in contact details)
  3. Job description in details and remunerations offered, also exact requirements and some background information about the company.

You must place separate ads for each vacant position in your company. All ads violating our policies will be removed without any prior notice.

In case of violation the said user will be permanently blocked from Buying and selling of any item or services that are deemed illegal under our local and government laws and regulations are strictly not allowed.

You are responsible to abide by the laws of the country regarding the items you sell and purchase on

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